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You may attend regular classes when offered. Currently, I teach in my own home studio. You must commit to an 8-week session and pay for the session in advance. During a two month session you will come to yoga once a week. Sessions begin every two months.

I am currently offering open classes, (however this is usually rare) If you are a Hopewell Public School teacher, or active military or military family, you get a one time only discount off your first session of 10%.

When and if open classes are offered, the cost is $88-$99 depending on how many weeks we have in that particular session (sessions last 2 months and you come once a week)

Private classes are : $55 per hour for an individual class 'out' (in your home) and $45 per hour for an individual in my home. A private lesson like this is completely suited to and designed for the individual and takes care and patience. It is the same as having a personal trainer and we work with mostly Viniyoga and Yoga Therapy in my sessions. A session last about 1 - 1/12 hrs. You may also have a semi private lesson and split the cost with a friend. You may email me to register online, you may pay by personal check. Now you may also follow the link at the bottom of the page to pay online.

I treat people with medical problems, as well as people who simply want to have a private lesson. It is a wonderful treat for anyone. You would pay more for a massage, but this is better than a massage. It is a gift, a splurge, which you give to your self.

I am willing to offer classes at any local church, office/business, community center or club as well. Please ask your Pastor/club operator/leader or Boss if they can loan us the space and at what time. If I do not have another class at that time I will come.
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