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Yoga is not a recent fad or trend, nor is it a religion. Yoga is not gymnastics and there is no competition. Everyone moves at their own pace. Yoga is a systematic and ancient approach to general health and well-being. Yoga tones and relaxes the entire system while bringing the mind and body into perfect balance. The goal of Yoga can be summarized in these three words: to be easeful, peaceful and useful. If you are physically useful and mentally peaceful, then you will be useful to humanity and fulfilled in yourself.

Hatha Yoga is the yoga of the body, the integration of the inner and outer self. Hatha, in Sanskrit, means sun/moon and Yoga means yoke or union. So yoga is balance. Indeed, yoga is the very thing that your body/mind/spirit is always trying to achieve: homeostasis. When you have a cut, do not the cells of the blood and skin rush to heal it, to put the body back in harmony? This is the same as yoga.

The best that you can get from Yoga is to think of nothing but the moment that you are in, because that is the only time in which you can truly act. You cannot change the past, and you cannot predict the future. So live IN the moment. That is what is important in yoga: living in and surrendering to the moment. As you practice you will come to love yoga as being YOUR time! Soon this will translate to other parts of your life as well. It will take a few weeks to get there, but it is so worth it!
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